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John M. Hotchner

Kneeling puns, kicking blunders earn top honors in March Caption Contest

April 19, 2018 01:00 PM

  • The March cartoon caption contest featured the United States 1969 6¢ Intercollegiate Football commemorative stamp showing a player and a coach. The winner of the nonphilatelic part of the contest is Mike Shefler, who crafted his entry using a predominant theme of the daily press. The next cartoon caption contest will be announced in Linn’s May 14 issue.

U.S. Stamp Notes — By John M. Hotchner

The stamp for the March cartoon caption contest was the 6¢ commemorative that features a coach and player exchanging thoughts (Scott 1382). Issued Sept. 26, 1969, this stamp honors the 100th anniversary of intercollegiate football.

Kneeling in protest during the national anthem, which originated with Colin Kaepernick in the 2016 NFL pre-season, provided grist for the mill as Linn’s readers responded to the contest.

A good example of this subject is from Greig Best of Sacramento, Calif., who has the player saying, “But if I take a knee coach, they won’t see me on the stamp.”

Another entry, this one from George Toth of Greeneville, Tenn., has a bit more edge, with the coach saying, “If you kneel, then you sit!”

Also popular was the connection to Lucy van Pelt of Peanuts fame, known for her antics as a place kick holder.

Michael Morrissey of Westerville, Ohio, represents this group of entries with “Sorry, coach. But if Lucy is holding, I’m not kicking!”

The nonphilatelic line winner for this contest, shown nearby, comes from the daily press coverage of what might be called in large focus, “the Russia question.” It was sent by Mike Shefler by email.

On the philatelic side, the winning entry by Robert Bertolet by email was “I told you to stomp and nail him, not stamp and mail him!”

Both winners will receive Linn’s Stamp Identifier published by Amos Media Co., or a 13-week subscription to Linn’s (a new subscription or an extension). The book has a retail value of $12.99.

Here are the best of the other runners-up:

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“I think I have a concussion, coach. You won’t believe whom I think is president,” from David Schwartz of Commack, N.Y.

“Call Neil Armstrong and tell him, ‘the Eagles have landed!’ “ by Steve Kotler of San Francisco, Calif.

“Coach, I’m confused, Is your hat a bowler, homberg, fedora, trilby or a porkpie?” sent by Mick Zais of Columbia, S.C.

“Stop picking on me! Not everyone can be a Tom Brady!” from Lawrence Segel of White Plains, N.Y.

“Who’s ‘The Gipper?’ ” by Jack Leonard of Hatboro, Pa.

“I know I was listed as hinged last year, but now they say I’m totally unhinged,” by David D’Hondt of Sun City, Calif.

“No, I don’t have a concussion … By the way, what inning is it?” from Michael Morrissey of Westerville, Ohio.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to all who entered.

The next cartoon caption contest will be announced in the May 14 issue of Linn’s.