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Michael Baadke

Ten Hot Wheels cars will zoom onto U.S. stamps

August 15, 2018 12:45 PM

  • Two of the 10 different Hot Wheels forever stamps planned by the United States Postal Service. These stamps show the Purple Passion model from 1990, and the Rocket-Bye-Baby car from 1971.
  • The 10 stamps celebrate 50 years of Hot Wheels toys and collectibles. The Rigor Motor from 1994 evokes the spirit of Halloween, while the Rodger Dodger from 1974 has a giant engine and flames along the sides.
  • The 10 stamps will be issued in panes of 20. The 2018 Mach Speeder has a twin turbo V6 hybrid engine, and the 1969 Twin Mill car features dual big-block engines.
  • The 2006 Bone Shaker intimidates with a skull for a grille. For the 40th anniversary in 2008, Hot Wheels introduced the HW40 with a jet turbine engine.
  • The Deora II from 2000 pays tribute to the 1968 Deora included in the first Hot Wheels line, and the toothy Sharkruiser from 1987 chews up its competition with a V8 engine.

By Michael Baadke

Ten new stamps from the United States Postal Service will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels, the die-cast toy car line from Mattel.

The stamp designs were revealed Aug. 15, but no issue date was announced.

The nondenominated (50¢) forever stamps each show one of 10 bold toy car designs on the distinctive orange Hot Wheels racetrack.

The designs show photographs taken by Len Rizzi of actual Hot Wheels cars, and also feature colorful typography spelling out the catchy name of each vehicle.

According to the Postal Service, “The iconic Hot Wheels logo appears in the top right corner of the pane. The back of the pane displays the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary logo.”

The stamps are being issued in a diagonal arrangement in panes of 20.

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The Postal Service also provided descriptions of each vehicle.

“The aptly named Purple Passion (1990), a super sleek metallic purple and green model. The car remains a favorite of collectors.

“Equipped with a roof-mounted rocket, the Rocket-Bye-Baby (1971) is one of the most aggressive racers in Hot Wheels history.

“Perfect for Halloween, the spooky Rigor Motor (1994) is a coffin-shaped hot rod that is powered by a huge engine adorned with two skulls.

“A spectacularly powerful version of a classic muscle car, the Rodger Dodger (1974) has a giant engine bursting out of its hood.

“With a twin turbo V6 hybrid engine and wide front air intakes built to look like a predatory fish, the Mach Speeder (2018) is a true 21st-century racer.

“The Twin Mill (1969) is one of the most iconic Hot Wheels cars of all-time. The speed machine features dual big-block engines.

“The distinctive Bone Shaker (2006) is a hot rod with a fierce-looking skull for a grille. The car has a massive short-block engine made to rattle your bones.

“The HW40 (2008), a car introduced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels, features a jet turbine engine. The space-age vehicle features a futuristic glass hood.

“The original surfboard-toting Deora (1968) was included in the first Hot Wheels line. The souped up Deora II, showcased on the stamp, came out in 2000.

“The Sharkruiser (1987) is a carnivore on wheels. The completely unique design features fins, a tail, a sharp-toothed grille, and a roaring V8 engine.”

The USPS creative team of Greg Breeding (designer and typographer) and William J. Gicker (art director) worked on this stamp project.