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Bear Bryant stamp used as a playbook to collecting U.S. stamp issues: Inside Linn's

Feb 5, 2018, 9 AM
United States 32¢ Bear Bryant commemorative stamp issued in 1997.

By Jay Bigalke

Are you ready for another edition of Linn’s Stamp News monthly magazine? We sure hope so, because the Feb. 19 issue is jam-packed with a marvelous assortment of in-depth, scholarly features that are sure to please. We offer three glimpses of what lies between the pages.

A playbook to collecting U.S. stamp issues

First-day ceremonies can serve as great hunting grounds for collectors looking for interesting and elusive items — besides the stamps themselves — to put in their albums or exhibits. This article by George Amick looks at the Bear Bryant stamp from 1997 and provides examples specific to that stamp issue.

Nova Scotia’s first stamps

Nova Scotia quickly acted when the opportunity arose to set up its own post office, explains Unveiling Classic Stamps columnist Sergio Sismondo. He looks at the postage stamps that were issued in 1851, engraved and printed in England by Perkins, Bacon and Co.

William Fargo, Wells Fargo and western express mail

Classic U.S. Postal History columnist Labron Harris looks at three covers that help tell the tale of William George Fargo, who carried mail for his local post office at age 13 and, in 1852, co-founded Wells, Fargo & Co. for the speedy transportation of mail and more.

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