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Sally Ride’s stamp collection: Inside Linn’s

Jun 1, 2018, 6 AM
Two pages of United States stamps from Ride’s stock book. The Amelia Earhart stamp (Scott C68) was a favorite of Ride’s, according to O’Shaughnessy. Photo by Daniel Afzal, United States Postal Service.

By Molly Goad

The June 18 issue of the monthly Linn’s Stamp News is en route. Readers will be delighted with the wide assortment of in-depth, scholarly features covering philatelic topics from all over the world. Here are three stories we can’t wait to share with you.

Sally Ride: stamp collector

Space pioneer Sally Ride, who was commemorated May 23 with a United States forever stamp, was a stamp collector, starting her collection at age 9 and continued throughout her life (1951-2012).

Linn’s was honored to sit down for an exclusive interview with Ride’s widow, Tam O’Shaughnessy, prior to the first-day ceremony for the Sally Ride stamp. O’Shaughnessy shared part of Ride’s stamp collection.

Artistic 1915 Somali Coast stamps led to printing woes

Classic Stamps of the World columnist Kathleen Wunderly looks at a pictorial set of bicolor stamps issued for Somali Coast in 1915 that was plagued with a combination of complicated design and clumsy production at the government printing house.

Reliving a vacation in southern France via philately

Philately of France columnist Larry Rosenblum connects philately and vacation. Even though they were not acquired during the trip, stamps and covers obtained later serve as fond reminders of an enjoyable vacation in southern France.

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