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New Brazilian stamps honor water forum and promote the protection of pets

Mar 28, 2018, 6 AM

By Denise McCarty

Brazil issued two stamps March 19. One commemorates the eighth World Water Forum, and the other promotes the protection of domestic animals.

The World Water Forum took place March 18-23 in Brasilia, Brazil. This was the first of these forums held in South America.

A mock-up of the round stamp is shown nearby.

Brazil Correios described the design of the stamp as featuring the forum’s logo resting on a background of wavy lines that simulate the flow of water.

The logo itself is shaped both like an hourglass and the figure 8, representing urgency of the time to act and that it is the eighth forum, respectively. The logo also includes a map of South America and a symbolic drop of water.

The theme of the conference “Sharing Water” is in Portuguese in green and blue at the bottom of the design.

The Defense Animal stamp depicts a dog and cat with the Portuguese words for “love,” “respect” and “life” above them.

Both stamps are nondenominated, paying the basic domestic letter rate.

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The Brazilian Mint printed them by offset. The World Water Forum stamp is in sheets of 16 (the round stamps are surrounded by a margin area to make them square), and the Defense Animal stamp is in sheets of 12.