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Decorated eggs dominate Polish, Slovenia Easter stamps

Mar 29, 2018, 6 AM
Two nondenominated stamps from Slovenia show a complete decorated egg and a closer view of a pattern on another egg.

New Stamps of the World  —  By Denise McCarty

Since 2014, Poland’s Easter stamps have featured similar designs of a single, ornately decorated egg.

This year’s stamp, issued March 6, is nondenominated with the letter “B” in place of the value. The egg shown is red with outlines of flowers in yellow and white. The stamp design also includes flowers in gold above the egg and a small goose in gold in the lower right.

Poland’s official information website, provided information about the tradition of decorating eggs: “The eggs, which dominate the Easter table, symbolise life and rebirth. Beautifully decorated, they have adorned Polish tables at Easter for centuries.

“Although the methods of colouring and decorating eggs have evolved, the tradition has stood the test of time. Traditional patterns on Easter eggs are prepared with hot wax applied to the shell. Eggs are then covered with paint, and finally the wax is removed to reveal the patterns that have been created.

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“The most common symbols on Easter eggs include lambs, crosses, flowers and other spring motifs.”

Like Poland, Slovenia featured a red egg on a nondenominated Easter stamp. Another design in this set of three issued March 9 depicts a detail from a painted egg. The third stamp shows a symbolic cross, flowers and sun.