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Another redesign for Spanish Andorra definitives

Mar 2, 2018, 4 AM
Spanish Andorra updated its Coat of Arms definitives on Jan. 2.

New Stamps of the World — By Denise McCarty

Since 1982, Spanish Andorra has shown the coat of arms of the Principality of Andorra on its definitive (regular-issue) stamps. While the main subject remains the same, these definitives have undergone several design changes over the years.

The latest design change was introduced Jan. 2 on a nondenominated domestic-rate stamp.

On this new stamp, the “A” in place of the denomination and the inscriptions of the country name and the printer are in white and the coat of arms is in a gold-colored metallic ink on a blue background.

Spain’s Correos, which issues stamps for Spanish Andorra, said that it renewed “the design of the coat of arms through the use of metallic colors to give the image a more modern feel and make it more visually striking.”

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Spain’s royal mint and security printer, FNMT-RCM, printed the definitive by offset in sheets of 50. The stamp measures 28.8 millimeters by 40.9mm.