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Mail of Swan Island: Inside Linn’s

Sep 28, 2018, 6 AM
This Aug. 2, 1915, cover from the United Fruit Co. Wireless Telegraph Dept. office in New York City to the company’s wireless station manager at Swan Island was probably transported as inter-office company mail, not through a post office. Jon Krupnick col

By Molly Goad

The Oct. 15 monthly issue of Linn’s Stamp News just landed on the presses and goes in the mail to subscribers Monday, Oct. 1. And if you subscribe to Linn’s digital edition, you’re at the head of the line with early access Saturday, Sept. 29. Here are three stories you'll want to check out.   

Mail of Swan Island

Few remote places in the world have as many interesting stories and tales of espionage and intrigue to pique collectors’ interest as Swan Island, a former United States Caribbean possession. Don’t miss Ken Lawrence’s in-depth 16-page feature in this month’s Linn’s to learn all about this fascinating area of philately.

Roots of 1938 San Marino sheets

Incongruous as it may first seem, there is a good and admirable reason for Abraham Lincoln to appear on two San Marino souvenir sheets, Scott 186-187, issued April 7, 1938. Learn why in Kathleen Wunderly’s Classic Stamps of the World article.

A look at French semipostals 

French semipostals have a long history of raising money for charity. The country's first were issued at the start of World War I in 1914 to raise funds for the Red Cross (Scott B1-B2). Columnist Larry Rosenblum takes a look at this and more, and offers advice for collecting semipostals.

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