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Airmails, postage due, back-of-book pages added to used singles album line

Mar 3, 2021, 12 PM
The Scott National United States Used Singles album line expanded in February with the addition of pages for used air post stamps, postage dues and more. A page for used U.S. air post stamps is pictured.

From the Scott Editors by Jay Bigalke

Even more stamp album pages for used singles, part of the Scott National line, were added to the lineup of Scott products in February.

The used singles series so far is the most complete and comprehensive United States album series available.

New pages are now available for U.S. air post (1918-2012) and air post special delivery stamps (1934-36), item No. 150NUS9; and special delivery, registration, certified mail, postage due, postal note, parcel, parcel post postage due and special handling stamps (1885-1985), item No. 150NUS10.

What sets these album pages for used stamps apart from those for mint stamps is that they provide a separate framed box for each stamp of a se-tenant issue (an issue of two or more attached stamps of different designs).

The air post pages are extra special in my opinion because they are the first such pages offered for all of the U.S. airmail issues from 1918 through the end in 2012 (Scott C1-C150).

These pages also provide spaces for some minor-letter varieties that might not be included in the regular Scott National album.

The earlier used single album page sets and bundles of the previous parts are available from Amos Advantage.

The album pages can be housed in Scott Specialty Series binders and slipcases.

For additional information, visit the Amos Advantage website or call Amos Media at 800-572-6885.

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