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APS dealer council members chosen

May 1, 2021, 3 AM

By Michael Baadke

The American Philatelic Society has named the dealer members chosen to serve on the society’s newly formed Dealer Advisory Council.

Council members will advise the APS board of directors and APS staff on matters involving the dealer community, such as show locations, membership initiatives and the growth of the hobby.

The council members are APS vice president Trish Kaufmann, APS dealer representative Eric Jackson, Kim Kellerman of Rasdale Stamp Co. (at large), Roy DeLafosse of Roy E. DeLafosse Ltd. (at large), Irving Miller of Miller’s Stamp Co. (Northeast), Telah Smith of Telah W. Smith (Midwest), Bob Sazama of Robert M. Sazama (South), and Jim Dempsey of A&D Stamps and Coins (West).

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American Stamp Dealers Association president Mark Reasoner and National Stamp Dealers Association president Dick Kostka will serve as ex officio members of the council, according to the APS.

The council members were selected by APS dealer members, who voted using ballots sent to them by the society.

“Stamp dealers have a unique view within our hobby from recognizing market trends to building personal relationships with collectors of all walks,” said APS president Mick Zais. “They have invested in the long-term health of the hobby and on behalf of the board, we thank the candidates for their leadership.”

APS vice president Trish Kaufmann, the only dealer currently serving on the APS board, will chair the Dealer Advisory Council.

“The APS and its membership is one of the strongest forces in the health of the hobby,” Kaufmann said. “The Council will work to identify, prioritize and offer specific recommendations to the board to help improve the market.”

APS dealer representative Eric Jackson added, “As a dealer, I want to thank the APS board for taking several great steps to bring dealers to the table. It won’t be easy work, but I’m sure dealers are ready and able to do their part.”

The council will have its first meeting in May. Call-in information and an agenda will be provided after the meeting date is set. APS members will be able to access the meeting minutes.