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Australia Post marks 50 years of road safety legislation

Jan 31, 2022, 2 PM
On Jan. 25, Australia Post issued a stamp to commemorate 50 years of compulsory seat belt use within the country.

By David Hartwig

On Jan. 25, Australia Post issued a stamp to commemorate 50 years since Australia became the first country to legislate for compulsory use of seat belts in both the front and back seats of vehicles.

The $1.10 stamp shows the text “Buckle Up! 50 years” over the image of a seat belt and buckle. The country name and denomination appear at the top of the stamp, and the 2022 year date is near the bottom left.

Michael Zsolt, Australia Post philatelic group manager, said that road safety is especially important to the post office given the number of postal delivery drivers on the road each day across the country.

In a press release, Australia Post said figures show that seat belt use reduces the risk of serious injury and death from road accidents by around 50 percent.

“Even though it seems like an obvious road-safety measure,” Zsolt said, “the path leading to legislation took years of research, campaigning and public education, and it has helped to protect Australian road users from fatality and serious injury for five decades.”

The Australian state of Victoria passed the country’s first seat belt legislation in 1970. The other states and territories passed legislation by Jan. 1, 1972, according to the press release from Australia Post.

“Making the wearing of seatbelts compulsory was a major step in setting Victoria and Australia on the path as a world leader in road safety,” said Liz Cairns, acting CEO of Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission, “and this stamp is a fitting way to commemorate this milestone.”

The stamp was designed by Nigel Buchanan, and EGO printed it by offset lithography in panes of 10 and coil rolls of 100. The stamp measures 26 millimeters by 37.5mm.

The stamp and related collectible products are available for purchase through the Australia Post website.

More information on stamps from Australia Post can be found on its dedicated website for stamp collectors.

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