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Born March 29: John Tyler

Mar 29, 2015, 1 AM

President John Tyler, born March 29, 1790, was first pictured on this 10¢ stamp from the 1938 Presidential series.

The 10th president of the United States, John Tyler, was born 225 years ago on March 29, 1790.

Pneumonia brought about the death of William Henry Harrison after only 32 days as president in 1841, and his vice president, Tyler, served out the remainder of Harrison's term.

Tyler had studied law at the College of William and Mary, and served in the House of Representatives, as governor of Virginia, and as a senator.

Nominated as Harrison's running mate by the Whig Party, he found himself at odds with the Whigs when, as president, he vetoed banking legislation the Whigs supported. They retaliated by expelling Tyler from the party.

Tyler's efforts to annex the independent territory of Texas were eventually successful, and Texas became a state during the presidency of his successor, James K. Polk.

Years later, Tyler would serve in the Confederate House of Representatives. He died in 1862.

Sometimes described as one of the nation's more obscure presidents, Tyler has appeared on fewer United States stamps (3) than British actor Daniel Radcliffe (7) who portrayed Harry Potter in the film series of the same name.

Tyler was first shown on the 10¢ stamp in the 1938 Presidential definitive series (Scott 815). The following year the same design was used for a 10¢ coil stamp (847).

In 1986, Tyler was shown on a 22¢ stamp in the Presidential commemorative set issued for the Ameripex International Stamp Show (Scott 2217a).