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Boston 2026 World Expo: new name, new logo

Apr 30, 2021, 12 AM
The new logo for the Boston 2026 World Expo, created by United States stamp designer Richard Sheaff, features a “Betsy Ross” 13-star flag.

The 12th United States international philatelic exhibition scheduled to take place May 23-30, 2026, at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center, Boston, Mass., has a new name and a new logo.

Previously called Boston 2026 World Stamp Show, the new name is Boston 2026 World Expo. The new logo features an early design of the United States flag.

In a press release, the show committee said of the new name: “It’s shorter, and opens the door to explore more than just ‘stamps’ as our hobby includes a wealth of other items. So a more familiar visual cue was needed and a logo redesign began.”

A key member of the subcommittee formed to create the new logo was U.S. stamp designer Richard Sheaff.

The press release said that Sheaff’s concept using the “Betsy Ross” 13-star design flag design was the unanimous choice of the subcommittee.

The Boston 2026 World Expo website features the new logo and new name.