Postal Updates

Brazil unveils new brand

Apr 29, 2021, 8 PM

Brazil’s post office, Correios, introduced a new logo May 6 and issued a stamp featuring it on the same day.

Brazil’s post office, Correios, introduced a new logo, or brand, May 6 at an event held at the postal headquarters in Brasilia, attended by Brazil’s Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, other officials, postal employees and national sporting stars.

The logo is part of Correios’ modernization efforts. At the ceremony, Bernardo said that the government wants the post office to continue renewing and reinvigorating, a process that started in 2011.

He also said that more modernization projects are planned for the next few years.

Correios issued a nondenominated domestic-rate stamp May 6 picturing the logo.

Designed by the firm CDA Branding and Design, the logo features blue and yellow arrows with “Correios” beneath them. The arrows symbolize the ability of the post to connect people, according to the press release from Correios.

The new-issue announcement mentioned that the logo also represents “solidarity, confidence, organization, lightness and innovation.”

Correios was founded in 1969, and held a contest to create its first logo. That logo was replaced in 1991, and, the 1991 logo remained in use until May 6.