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Canada, China value changes in Scott Vol. 2

Apr 29, 2021, 8 PM

Thousands of value changes are recorded in Vol. 2 of the 2015 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, which contains stamp listings for countries of the world C-F. Value activity was particularly heavy in Canada and China. There were more than 1,300 changes recorded in Canada and more than 3,500 changes in China.

“The Canada market remains vibrant in two main areas: classic stamps in very fine or better grades, and truly superior quality stamps from the classics to the 1930s. Excellent auction results for classic material from this past year confirmed this trend,” said Scott catalog editor Charles Snee.

The People’s Republic of China continues to be a very active market, although the activity has softened somewhat. For the most part, the changes are not drastic in either direction. Some noted exceptions are for stamps that are acknowledged and valued in the footnotes.

For example, the 1957 8-fen Gate of Heavenly Peace (Scott 292) with sun rays in the background rockets from $117,500 unused in 2014 to $175,000 this year.

The footnoted 1958 Fifth Congress of the International Union of Students set (Scott 370-371) with incorrect inscriptions is valued for the first time, at $175,000 unused and $125,000 used.

Numerous other footnoted stamps also have new values, and the increases in value for such stamps are greater for those issued since 2000.

More than 1,000 value changes are seen for Colombia.

Unused values for Colombian postage stamps of 1946 through 1950 (Scott 528-593) were adjusted down to reflect hinged stamps instead of never-hinged stamps. Catalog values for unused Colombia in the postage section are for never-hinged stamps beginning with Scott 594.

Increases of 10 percent to 20 percent or so are typical for Colombian stamps issued from the 1990s to the present.

In the air post section, values also are up. Here the changes are more substantial. The 1971 Olympic Sports souvenir sheet of 25 (Scott C566a) soars to $60 mint never hinged and used, from just $35 both ways in 2014.

Other countries with a large number of changes include Cambodia, Estonia and French Guinea.

In Cambodia, the market remains steady, with minor adjustments both up and down for stamps issued before 1983. One of the more notable increases is the 1954-55 definitive set, which moves from $61 unused (mint never hinged) and $35.95 used in the 2014 catalog, to $83.30 unused and $56.15 used this year.

Vol. 2 includes a number of new listings. A total of 49 sets and souvenir sheets in the Democratic Republic of Congo are now described and valued in footnotes accompanying the listings for the normal perforated stamps.

In the postage section, these new notes begin with the 1960 Map of Congo set (Scott 356-365) and conclude with the 1971 Reading set (747-749). There also is a similar new footnote for the imperforate 1963 Freedom From Hunger semipostal set (B48-B51).

In Croatia, a double-impression error of the 1944 Post Horn and Arms semipostal stamp (Scott B52) is newly listed as B52a. On the error, the doubling of the red is most visible in the “N.D. HRVATSKA” inscription in the scroll banner across the top of the design.

New footnotes highlight the existence of special printer’s marks on a handful of postage and semipostal stamps. The marks typically appear on a single stamp in a given pane.

In Fiji, the expansion of the listings for the surcharged Birds stamps continues this year, with the addition of three major number and five minor number listings, along with numerous other varieties that are footnoted and valued for the first time.

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Vol. 3 will be released in June and will include countries of the world G-I. Vol. 4 (countries of the world J-M) will be released in July, Vol. 5 (countries of the world N-Sam) in August, Vol. 6 (countries of the world San-Z) in September, the Scott Specialized Catalog of United States Stamps and Covers in October, and the Scott Classic Specialized Catalog of Stamps & Covers of 1840-1940 in November.

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