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Canada Post plans to hike stamp rates

May 2, 2021, 6 PM
Canada Post plans to hike its postage rate for stamps bought in booklets, coils and panes. (Image courtesy of Flickr user William Mewes.)

1. Canadian hike

Canada Post announced in a July 9 release that it plans to raise the rate of stamps bought in booklets, coils or panes next year:

"Canada Post proposes to increase the postage rate for Domestic Lettermail items weighing 30 grams or less when purchased in a booklet, coil or pane to $0.90 from the current rate of $0.85. The price of a single stamp would remain $1.00. The rate change would take effect on January 11, 2016 and replace rates that will have been in effect for 21 months."

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2. More from Canada

"Less than a week after Canada Post ordered the recall and destruction of booklets and souvenir sheets with $1.20 stamps depicting inaccurate images of the Hoodoo rock formations, they became hot properties on the Internet auction website eBay."

3. Overpaid

"Undoubtedly the most overpaid cover I‘ve ever come across is the Hilo, Hawaii, to Honolulu example shown [above]."

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4. Born on July 13

"Featured on one of [the 2007 Star Wars series] stamps is one of the heroes of the original 1977-83 Star Wars trilogy, the rogue smuggler and space pilot Han Solo, played by actor Harrison Ford."

Ford turned 73 Monday

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