Postal Updates

Canada Post shrinks cancellation size

May 3, 2021, 6 PM

New smaller sprayed-on cancellation used by Canada Post (top) and the previous version that was much larger (bottom).

Canada Post recently responded to a customer’s request to make its sprayed-on cancellation size smaller. The postmark is applied at mail-processing and distribution plants.

Steve Falk of Prime Data in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, posted a blog article on the company’s website in July stating “Several months ago I provided constructive feedback about the size of CPC’s cancellation mark.”

His message to Canada Post described issues with the size of the cancel, noting that it “conflicted with the client’s brand as it ran across the top of the entire envelope.” He added that on small envelopes the postmark would cover up the return address.

Canada Post responded, changing the cancellation size by removing the website reference on the left side of the postmark. Still present are the date, time and postal code information, along with “/” markings that cancel the stamp.

Examples of the earlier wide marking and the new compact postmark are pictured here.

“In order to minimize the impact of this marking on our customer’s mail, we recently removed all non-essential elements of the marking giving back the real estate space to our customers,” said Josee Bergeron of Canada Post, in response to Falk.

“We are pleased to have been able to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all involved,” Bergeron added.