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Changes for the Poster Stamp Collectors Club

Jul 27, 2022, 9 AM

By Linn’s Staff

Arthur H. Groten, president of the Poster Stamp Collectors Club, announced two major changes to the club in a June 13 press release. The club has recently returned after several years of inactivity.

First, Groten announced the merger of the Poster Stamp Bulletin membership base with the Poster Stamp Collectors Club. Members of the club will be mailed six issues of the bulletin each year in addition to periodic sale offers, Groten said.

Walter Schmidt, who passed away in 2020, started the bulletin as a monthly publication in 1994.

Groten announced an overhaul to the club’s website as the second major change. He said the website now includes key literature references in addition to information on poster stamps and their history.

Visitors to the website can find news of recent and upcoming events along with some articles, and members have access to an archive of articles.

Groten added one thing that has not changed is the club’s mission to promote an interest in poster stamps and their collecting. “They can add considerable interest to any collection,” he said, “and often appear in competitive philatelic exhibits in an effort to expand the understanding of a particular point.”

Poster stamps are a kind of cinderella stamp, which is something that resembles a postage stamp but isn’t. While there is not a clear definition of what constitutes poster stamps, they are generally used for advertising purposes and are often larger than standard postage stamps.

The Poster Stamp Collectors Club currently has over 80 members from several countries, Groten said.

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