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Christmas greeting overprinted on 1933 Century of Progress block

May 1, 2021, 3 AM
Clipped from the 1933 1¢ Century of Progress souvenir sheet, this block of nine bears a Christmas greeting overprint from stamp dealer J. L. Portwood.

By John M. Hotchner

What would be nicer for a stamp collector than a Christmas greeting in the form of a philatelic souvenir?

Linn’s reader Kurt Laubinger of Macedonia, Ohio, found a nice example from J.L. Portwood, a stamp dealer in the 1930s.

The souvenir, probably sent by Portwood to his customers, is an imperforate block of nine 1¢ yellow-green Chicago Century of Progress stamps from the American Philatelic Society issue souvenir sheet (Scott 730) mounted on red paper.

It is not dated, but presumably it is contemporaneous with the 1933 stamps.

I wonder how many were sent and how many have been preserved?

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