Postal Updates

Christmas postmarks abound, with celebrations from all around the country

May 2, 2021, 9 PM
Santa appears on several commemorative postmarks this year, including this one from Vermont.

Postmark Pursuit — By Michael Baadke

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Postmarks with Christmas themes are plentiful in this week’s Postmark Pursuit column. Some reflect on the traditional meaning of Christmas, such as the Christmas Star station cancel from Nazareth, Mich., which features imagery of the holy family. Others are more whimsical, including a very cute cartoon Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on the Reindeer Station postmark from — where else? — Rudolph, Ohio.

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The charming Dec. 2 Santa Claus postmark shown here is sponsored by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation in Plymouth, Vt.

To obtain the Plymouth postmark, address your requests to:

HOLIDAY Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Plymouth, VT 05056-9998, Dec. 2.

The following cancels are also available:

SANTA’S WORKSHOP Station, Postmaster, Box 1768, North Pole, NY 12997-1768, Nov. 23-Dec. 31. (Reindeer pulling large cart, elf driver, banner with station name.)

COMFORT Station, Postmaster, 726 Front St., Comfort, TX 78013-9998, Nov. 25. (Stylized Christmas tree with star on top, “32 years of Christmas in Comfort.”)

SARATOGA SPRINGS Station, Postmaster, 245 Washington St., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-9998, Nov. 30. (“31st Annual Victorian Streetwalk,” five detailed snowflakes.)

REINDEER Station, Postmaster, 14018 Mermill Road, Rudolph, OH 43462-9998, Dec. 1-23. (Cartoon Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.)

SANTA CLAUS Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Santa Claus, IN 47579-9998, Dec. 1-25. (Sleeping child in bed, Santa Claus with bag of gifts.)

CHRISTMAS STAR Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Nazareth, MI 49074-9998, Dec. 1-25. (Holy family within circle with star points.)

STAR Station, Postmaster, 202 S. Main St., Star, NC 27356-9998, Dec. 1-30. (Santa with reindeer, trees, snow falling, striped pole.)

HOLIDAY Station, Postmaster, 202 W. Main St., Joy, IL 61260-9998, Dec. 1-30. (Cartoon youngster wearing mittens, hat; falling snow.)

CHRISTMAS Station, Postmaster, 900 Garth Brooks Blvd., Yukon, OK 73099-9998, Dec. 1. (Santa riding motorcycle.)

CHRISTMAS PARADE Station, Postmaster, 1601 Long Beach Blvd., Unit 1, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008-9998, Dec. 2. (“38th Annual,” ship with gifts, Christmas tree, snowflake decorations, “Deck the Hulls.”)

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Station, Postmaster, 415 E. Washington Road, East Peoria, IL 61611-9998, Dec. 2. (Snow-covered directional signs reading “East Peoria,” “North Pole,” “33 Years.”)

CHRISTMAS IN ODESSA Station, Postmaster, 312 Main St., Odessa, DE 19730-9998, Dec. 2. (Santa within mistletoe wreath.)

HOLIDAY Station, Postmaster, 3930 Main St., Warrensburg, NY 12885-9998, Dec. 2. (Gazebo, Christmas tree, falling snow, surrounding wreath, “29th Christmas in Warrensburg, Peace of Earth.”)

HALF WAY TO THE NORTH POLE 45th PARALLEL Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Gaylord, MI 49735-9998, Dec. 2. (Youngster reaching up to mail letter in deposit box with “Letters to Santa” and lower peninsula of Michigan on the side. “Geiger Postal History Museum, Inc.”)

CHRISTKINDL FESTIVAL Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Black River Falls, WI 54615-9998, Dec. 2. (Reindeer, tree, presents.)

FESTIVAL Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Roscommon, MI 48653-9998, Dec. 2. (Pair of bells with ribbon, “40th Annual Christmas in the Village.”)

ILLINOIS BICENTENNIAL Station, Postmaster, 2105 E. Cook St., Springfield, IL 62703-9998, Dec. 3. (Abraham Lincoln portrait, signature, Illinois state outline, “Celebration the Beginning,” 1818-2018.)

ALLAIRE VILLAGE Station, Postmaster, 66 Main St., Farmingdale, NJ 07727-9998, Dec. 3. (Building and trees, “Christmas at Allaire.”)

VICTORIAN STROLL Station, Postmaster, 400 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180-9998, Dec. 3. (“Thirty-Fifth Annual,” wreath.)

MILLINGTON Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Millington, MI 48746-9998, Dec. 4. (Rural scene, “Millington Chamber of Commerce,” “28 Annual Christmas in the Village.”)

The following cancels have been granted 30-day extensions.

SILK ROAD AMERICAN FORUM Station, Postmaster, 7001 S. Central Ave., Room 307, Los Angeles, CA 90052-4200, Nov. 2. (Cargo ship in water, station name in banner above.)

NATIONAL PARK Station, Postmaster, 420 Broadway St., Vincennes, IN 47591-9998, Nov. 14. (George Rogers Clark Memorial, “George Rogers Clark National Historical Park,” U.S. flag, trees, “America’s Beautiful National Parks.”)

CHICAGOPEX Station, Postmaster, 1050 W. Irving Park Road, Itasca, IL 60143-9998, Nov. 17-19. (Logo of “World Columbian Stamp Expo ‘92” with Christopher Columbus profile, globe; “Commemorating the 525th Anniversary of Columbus’ Sailing.”)

WESTBOROUGH, MA Station, Retail Manager, 25 Dorchester Ave., Room 4009, Boston, MA 02205-0002, Nov. 18. (“Incorporated 1717, 300 Years Ago Today.”)

BLACK RIVER Station, Customer Relations Coordinator, 2200 Orange Ave., No. 234, Cleveland, OH 44101-9998, Nov. 18. (Outline map of Ohio with star signifying city of Elyria, partial postage stamp frame, “Celebrating Elyria’s bicentennial 1817 2017.”)

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