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Journey to philatelic paradise in a stamp-decorated coffin

May 3, 2021, 7 AM
Want to be buried surrounded by your favorite stamps? Creative Coffins has you covered.

By Colin Sallee

1. Stamps on your coffin? 

CreativeCoffins, the British company that has been making personalized coffins since 2008, is now offering stamp variations on their coffins for customers who want their loved ones buried with the stamps they treasured. 

There are countless options to chose from, and the company will cater to the customer and provide them with whatever design they want, barring any copyright or permission issues. 

Take a look.

2. Speaking of death and the dead ...

"On Sept. 14, Canada Post unveiled its second of three sets of Haunted Canada stamps. Recalling popular Canadian ghost stories, this series shines a spectral light on dark tales from throughout the land. Each of the five stamps focuses on a supernatural site, with images made extra eerie through the use of holographic foil."

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