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2016 federal duck stamp art contest gets underway Sept. 9

May 1, 2021, 5 PM
The frenzy of the 2016 federal duck stamp art contest is set to kick off Sept. 9 at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

By Colin Sallee 

Duck season is upon us

Next week, one of the hobby’s most competitive events will take place at Drexel University’s Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pa.

The 2016 federal duck stamp art contest will take place on September 9-10, and will feature plenty of events and functions for artists, collectors, and stamp enthusiasts.

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With the documentary The Million Dollar Duck premiering soon, the buzz around this year’s competition is heightened a bit.

The documentary will be screened for attendees during the 2-day event. Below is a quick run-down of what’s on the agenda for the event.

Day 1

Doors open at 9:00 a.m. and artwork will be on display and open for viewing. All 153 entries for this year's contest are available for viewing here.

At 10:00 a.m. opening ceremonies will begin. Official judging will begin, and museum exhibits will also be put on display. That will take place for the majority of the day. Then at 4:30 a free screening of the The Million Dollar DuckOrder your tickets to the screening here.

Day 2

Doors will once again open at 9:00 a.m., and patrons will have roughly three hours of viewing before the judges announce the winner of 2016 federal duck stamp contest.

All-Day Events

During each day of the contest, there are few things going on. Birds of a Feather is an educational function that teaches the anatomy of ducks: their flight, their nesting habits, bone structure, etc. There’s also a duck drawing station that gives all attendees a chance to draw their own duck stamp!