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Elvis sighting online

May 2, 2021, 11 PM
A small image of the Elvis Presley forever stamp, which is scheduled to be issued Aug. 12. A press sheet is pictured behind the image of Presley on a single stamp.

The forthcoming Elvis Presley commemorative stamp made a brief appearance on the Internet — and then it was gone.

Collectors reported placing orders for Elvis Presley forever stamps when they spotted the new listing on the United States Postal Service's retail website. Linn's reader Stephen J. Sullivan said he preordered uncut sheets and other Elvis stamp items, and received a confirmation e-mail for his order.

Checking back online soon after, Sullivan found that all listings for the Elvis Presley stamps had been taken down from the site.

One small illustration that was briefly shown online pictures a full press sheet of 144 stamps and a larger image of a single stamp. The Elvis Presley stamp design shows a black and white photograph of a young Presley against a white background, with his signature in gold reading up along the right edge.

The stamp, in the Music Icons series, is currently scheduled to go on sale in panes of 16 on Aug. 12, with a first-day ceremony at Presley's Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tenn.