Postal Updates

ESPN talks to USPS about Special Olympics letter-sending campaign: Linn's Buzz

Apr 27, 2021, 3 PM

By Joe O'Donnell

1. Special Olympics Q&A

ESPN took notice of the U.S. Postal Service's campaign to promote sending letters to Special Olympics athletes (in conjunction with the release of the Special Olypmics World Games commemorative stamp) and published on June 24 a Q&A with USPS National Events Coordinator Mike Henry.

In the interview, Henry discusses who has been sending letters, the notes that he and his family have sent personally, and the goals of the campaign. 

Read the Q&A here.

2. One show sponsors another

World Stamp Show-NY2016 has been selected as the presenting sponsor of the American Topical Association’s 66th annual National Topical Stamp Show.

3. Ad covers

"It wouldn’t be too difficult to make the case that 19th-century advertising covers are among the most eye-catching items available that you can add to your collection."

4. Joint issue

Israel and Germany commemorated 50 years of diplomatic relations May 7 by releasing joint-issue stamps.

5. Hot topics

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