Postal Updates

Falklands post office outsourced

May 2, 2021, 11 PM

As of Aug. 1, the government of the Falkland Islands has outsourced its postal service to a private local company, the Falklands Post Service Ltd., also known as FPS Ltd.

In a press release, the government reported that its decision was made after it undertook a comprehensive review of the postal service and carefully considered all options.

In addition to changes at the local post office, the Falklands Post Service Ltd. also plans to “make improvements to the customer experience of the Philatelic Bureau,” according to the press release.

Linn’s reader Mark Kellner shared a letter sent to him by the Falkland Islands government, which states that the government “will continue all of its existing statutory and regulatory functions and the Postmaster, who will remain with [the] Government, will continue to oversee the development of new issues and new stamps.”

Pobjoy Mint, based in Surrey, England, has told Linn’s that it will continue to serve as the philatelic agent for the Falkland Island. The mint’s Internet address is

The web site of the Falkland Islands philatelic bureau is