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First United States stamp of 2014 bears 2013 date

May 2, 2021, 10 PM

The United States 4¢ Chippendale Chair stamp (Scott 3761A) issued Jan. 2. Even though it was issued in 2014, the stamp carries a 2013 date.

The first United States stamp of 2014 is inscribed with a 2013 year date.

The United States Postal Service issued a new coil version of the 4¢ Chippendale Chair stamp in the American Design series stamp on Jan. 2.

The stamp with moisture-activated adhesive in coil rolls of 10,000 was manufactured by Ashton Potter and Guilford Gravure.

Shown here is an image of the newly issued stamp.

Explaining the date on the stamp, U.S. Postal Service spokesman Roy Betts told Linn’s, “The original intention was to issue the stamp in late December, but after printing, it was decided to defer issuance a few days to get beyond the busy holiday season.”

The previous moisture-activated 4¢ Chippendale Chair coil stamp (Scott 3761) carried a 2007 year date and was manufactured by Sennett Security Products.

The new stamp with the 2013 date has a plate number on every 24th stamp. There are no back counting numbers on the gummed side. Scott catalog editors have assigned No. 3761A to the stamp. Linn’s U.S. stamp program listing has been updated to reflect this information.

Among the users of the new 4¢ stamp will be bulk mailers who typically apply multiples of such stamps on mailed donation solicitations or return envelopes.