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Five U.S. stamp issues to go off sale in December

Dec 3, 2018, 8 AM
One of five United States Protect Pollinators forever stamps issued in 2017. This stamp issue is being removed from sale by the U.S. Postal Service on Dec. 31.

By Linn’s Staff

Five United States stamp issues are scheduled to go off sale Dec. 31. The announcement was made in the Nov. 22 Postal Bulletin.

The reason is likely because of low inventory at post offices.

The stamps to go off sale are:

the 2017 Protect Pollinators stamps (5228-5232), the 2016 Wonder Woman stamps (Scott 5149-5152), the 2016 Holiday Windows stamps (5145-5148), the 2016 Jack-O’-Lanterns stamps (5137-5140), and the coil version of the 2015 Coastal Birds postcard-rate definitive stamps (Scott 4995-4998).