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Fond memories of Barbara Bush: Inside Linn's

Apr 30, 2021, 1 AM
At a small first-day ceremony on the White House grounds, Barbara Bush joined Postmaster General Anthony Frank to unveil the Literacy postal card design and celebrate the new issue.

By Molly Goad

The May 7 issue of Linn’s Stamp News just landed on the presses and goes in the mail to subscribers Monday, April 23. And if you subscribe to Linn’s digital edition, you’re at the head of the line with early access Saturday, April 23. Here are three stories you won't want to miss. 

Barbara Bush’s first-day ceremony appearance

In the wake of former first lady Barbara Bush's passing away on April 17, Joe Brockert, program manager at the United States Postal Service, recalls meeting Mrs. Bush in 1990. At that time, Mrs. Bush became a participant in the philatelic world as the U.S. Postal Service finalized its plans for a 15¢ postal card promoting literacy. 

Stamps follow the long history of Siam and the Kingdom of Thailand

The country known today as the Kingdom of Thailand has been through many name changes, a fact that is reflected its stamps. Siam’s first stamps were issued Aug. 4, 1883, and bear the image of King Chulalongkorn (1853-1910). In this collecting basics article, Janet Klug breaks down a bevy of stamps from 1883 and forward, and describes how they have evolved. 

Stamp identifier: Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands, a British overseas territory in the West Indies north of Haiti, has issued its own stamps since 1900. Learn the difference between stamps with the "Turks Islands" and "Caicos Islands" identifiers. 

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