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Four Farmers Market forever stamps in August

Apr 28, 2021, 2 AM

Four nondenominated (49¢) United States Farmers Market forever stamps to be issued in August.

Four delectable new United States Farmers Markets forever stamps will be issued in August. The stamp designs were revealed by the Postal Service in late May.

The first-day location, issue date and ceremony details were not announced.

“Considered by many to be the new town square, farmers markets offer, as they did in the past, a gathering place for diverse groups of neighbors to meet and mingle and to share news, recipes, and stories — in short, to create a new sense of community,” stated the Postal Service.

Each stamp shows different products grouped together with signs carrying prices. The first stamp prominently depicts baguettes in a basket, along with labels for buns, cinnamon rolls, breads, cookies, eggs and artisan cheese.

The second stamp has labels for apples, potatoes, peppers and grapes. Eggplant, gourds, broccoli, tomatoes and watermelon are also shown.

Sunflowers in a basket are on the third stamp, along with signs for flowers, flower bouquets and celosia.

The last stamp focuses on potted plants. Signs promote the sale of chives, tomato plants, nasturtium, herbs and marigolds.

The stamps, illustrated by Robin Moline, will be issued in a pane of 20. Greg Breeding served as art director for the project.