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France issuing tracking stamps in booklet of nine Oct. 19

Sep 20, 2020, 11 AM
France’s La Poste will issue a booklet of nine stamps Oct. 19 with tracking numbers that enable postal customers to check when their letters arrive. A mock-up illustration of three of the booklet stamps is shown.

By Denise McCarty

New French stamps will help postal customers keep track of mail they have sent.

France’s La Poste will issue these stamps Oct. 19 in a booklet of nine called “Mon carnet de timbres Suivi,” which means my booklet of stamps for tracking.

The four steps to using the stamps to track your mail are explained on the booklet’s back cover: Stick the stamp on your letter; mail the letter; keep your booklet that includes the tracking numbers; look up the numbers on the La Poste website or mobile app.

This tracking service only is available in France, according to La Poste.

The front cover includes the aforementioned name of the booklet and the sentence “Je sais quand mon courrier est arrive,” which translates to “I know when my mail has arrived.”

The cover also depicts an illustration of a brightly colored cartoonlike owl. Other owls in an array of colors are shown on the nine stamps in the booklet; each design is different, depicting one owl.

La Poste’s mock-up illustration of three of the stamps is shown nearby. In this illustration, each stamp includes the same tracking number, but in reality each stamp will have a different number.

The stamps are nondenominated, paying the green-letter (second-class) rate, currently €0.97. The green domestic rate travels only by ground transportation.

The booklet sells for €12.78, which includes a cost of €0.45 per stamp for tracking. La Poste also sells separate tracking labels, or stickers, for €0.45 each. These stickers are offered individually, in booklets of 12 and in packets of 120.

After the issue date, the new stamp booklet will be available from the La Poste website.

For more information, email La Poste at, or write to Philaposte Service Clients, Z.I Avenue Benoit Frachon, BP 10106 Boulazac, 24051 Perigueux Cedex 09, France.

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