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A 528,000-stamp mosaic to honor the Machin design will enter the record books

May 3, 2021, 7 AM
The Royal Mail's Machin stamp turns 50 years old in 2016, and a collector in England celebrated that milestone with a major gesture.

By Joe O’Donnell

Remember that giant stamp mosaic in Spain put together by Correos back in March 2015 that was made up of some 230,000 stamps and went into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest ever?

Well apparently this just happened:

That’s right. Stamp collector Peter Boyd put together a 528,200-stamp mosaic in England to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Royal Mail's Machin stamp design, which is also being celebrated on a 2017 commemorative stamp.

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The mosaic is 27 meters wide and 9 meters long — or 89 feet by 30 feet — and took Boyd 10 years to create. According to, it more than doubled that previous record-holder from Spain in stamps used (528,220 to 230,000), and also topped it in total square meters (243 to about 220).

The mosaic was put on display in Farnborough, England, during the March 10-11 Southern England Stamp Show.

Whoever wants to put together a mosaic for the Machin’s 60th anniversary better get to work right away.