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Have you checked out lately? New features: On This Date, Morning Report

May 1, 2021, 2 PM

During the past month or so, we have added new features to to enhance your interaction with the website, and to bring you even more content.

On the homepage, you will see two new categories: On This Date and Morning Report.

On This Date provides a capsule summary of a well-known person’s life on the anniversary of their birth, death or other significant events. Each vignette is illustrated with a United States stamp depicting the individual.

Linn’s senior editor Mike Baadke came up with On This Date, and I think you will find his biographies in miniature most engaging.

Regular visitors to might have noticed a new byline on some of our more recent posts — Joe O’Donnell.

Joe joined the Amos Media team as a content producer for Coin World in 2014. In January, he also began writing for and assisting the Linn’s editorial team with posts to our social media pages, including FacebookTwitter and Google+.

Morning Report is Joe’s new contribution to the website.

Here you will find snippets (with links) highlighting other media outlets that are reporting about stamp collecting, often in fun, exciting ways; recent content on Linn’; the previous day’s most read post on our site; and various social media posts about people and current events in the hobby, grouped under the heading Being Social.

In the online world, it’s all about bringing more people to your website, and enticing them to move about and consume more content.

To that end, we are implementing some best-practice approaches, such as posting more often throughout the day.

Ideally, we want people to visit frequently each day — and see something new to read each time.

To motivate our readers to stick around, we added a comments section. This allows direct, immediate communication between reader and author.

Moreover, comments often provide us with insights for future reporting and assist with updating or expanding published content.

You also will see that noticeably more links are now embedded in the text of our articles. The links are underlined and in a different color, to make them standout.

A few posts even have videos and social media posts embedded with the article.

Such add-ons enrich the reader’s experience. Stamp collecting, after all, is a visual hobby.

All of these changes have two overarching goals in common:

1. To help our readers control their path to understanding and engaging with our content.

2. To provide as many means as possible to help them learn and grow in their enjoyment of stamp collecting.

Stay tuned for more improvements and added interactivity that will keep you coming back for more at

One final tip: Please consider signing up for Linn’s free eNewsletters.

They have been redesigned for a fresh, vibrant look, and each letter now has links to eight different articles or featured insights, instead of three.