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Hendrix absent from USPS yearbook

Apr 28, 2021, 6 PM

The 2014 Stamp Yearbook from the United States Postal Service will be short one subject when it goes on sale Dec. 10.

The Postal Service has confirmed that the book will not include a chapter about musician Jimi Hendrix, who was honored on a forever stamp issued this year on March 13 (Scott 4880).

The Jimi Hendrix stamp is part of the ongoing Music Icons commemorative stamp series.

The credits section near the front of the yearbook includes this explanation, “Permission to include the Jimi Hendrix Forever stamp issued in 2014 as part of the Music Icons series could not be obtained before going to press.”

The firm Experience Hendrix manages the name, likeness, image and music of Hendrix, according to the website, which notes that the company is owned and operated by Hendrix family members.

The pane of 16 Jimi Hendrix stamps issued earlier this year includes this inscription along the left edge, “Jimi Hendrix is a TM of Authentic Hendrix, LLC under license from Experience Hendrix, LLC.”

The 2014 Stamp Yearbook has captured the attention of collectors by including a single mint die-cut $2 Circus souvenir sheet that is not otherwise available from the Postal Service.

The 72-page hardcover book includes 90 stamps with mounting materials and sells for $64.95 online at