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Hockey souvenir sheet, other stamps to go off sale Sept. 30

Aug 28, 2020, 1 PM
The History of Hockey souvenir sheet of two commemorative forever stamps (Scott 5253c) is being removed from sale Sept. 30.

By Jay Bigalke

A number of United States stamps and stamped envelopes will go off sale as of Sept. 30. Of all the items on the list published in the Aug. 27 Postal Bulletin, the History of Hockey souvenir sheet of two (Scott 5253c) is the only stamp item that remains available through Stamp Fulfillment Services.

This souvenir sheet was released Oct. 20, 2017, as part of a joint issue with Canada. The flags of the two neighboring countries are shown above “The History of Hockey” inscription on the left side of the sheet.

The other items on the list are not currently available at Stamp Fulfillment Services, but they may still be available at some post offices. These items include the History of Hockey pane of 20 (Scott 5252-5253).

In chronological order by issue date, the following forever stamps also are on the list to be removed from sale: the six Delicioso stamps issued April 20, 2017 (Scott 5192-5197); the July 15, 2017, set of 10 Disney Villains stamps (5213-5222), the Peace Rose stamp issued April 21, 2018 (5280); the four Dragons stamps of Aug. 9, 2018 (5307-5310); the Sept. 22, 2018, Birds in Winter stamps showing a black-capped chickadee, northern cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker and blue jay (5317-5320); and the Star Ribbon stamp issued in a pane of 20 March 22, 2019, (Scott 5361).

The Folk Art Eagle forever stamped envelope (Scott U682) in multiple sizes is also being removed from sale. This is the oldest item on the list, having been issued Aug. 9, 2013, when the domestic letter rate was 46¢.

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