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How to avoid purchasing full Priority Mail panes

Feb 11, 2022, 1 PM
The United States Postal Service issued two new high-denomination stamps for expedited mail service on Feb. 14. The pane of four $26.95 stamps, shown here in a preliminary image, sells for $107.80. When purchasing online from the USPS, a full pane is the

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

It has been a while since the United States Postal Service has issued four high-denomination stamps in one year. This year, two were issued Feb. 14, and two more are scheduled to be released June 20. It might be worth saving this column for reference for those June stamps.

For the new $8.95 Monument Valley Priority Mail and $26.95 Palace of Fine Arts Priority Mail Express stamps, the online Postal Store gives collectors only one option: purchasing full panes of four. That amounts to $143.60 for both panes ($35.80 plus $107.80), plus a $2 shipping charge.

If you want just one stamp from each pane, the easiest way might be to convince your local post office to order the stamps and then just purchase a single stamp from each pane.

If that isn’t an option, you can try a custom order from Stamp Fulfillment Services, but you need to call 844-737-7826 first and use these item numbers to purchase singles: 121501 for the $8.95 stamp and 129801 for the $26.95. There is also a custom order fee of $2.55 plus $1.40 for shipping. So this option would cost $39.85 for just the two stamps.

When the $2 and $5 stamps debut in June, the same will likely apply when ordering singles.

I hope these tips will save Linn’s readers a couple of dollars on these new issues.

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