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Jan. 14 Love stamp offered in press sheet without die cuts

Jan 14, 2021, 10 AM
This image from the United States Postal Service online retail store shows a press sheet of the Love stamp issued Jan. 14. Two varieties of press sheets are available: one with die cuts and one without die cuts.

By Michael Baadke

The Love forever stamp issued Jan. 14 is the first 2021 issue from the United States Postal Service to be made available in a press sheet without die cuts.

On the day the nondenominated (55¢) Love stamp was issued, the Postal Service added two listings for corresponding press sheets on its online retail stamp store, both priced at $88 (for 160 stamps on eight unsevered panes).

One sheet is described as “with Die-Cuts” (USPS item No. 565106) and the other is described as “without Die-Cuts” (USPS item No. 565108).

As reported in the Jan. 25 Linn’s Stamp News, imperforate press sheets (press sheets without the perforations or die cuts that normally separate the individual stamps) were offered for many U.S. stamps issued between 2012 and early 2016.

Press sheets continued to be marketed by the Postal Service, but over the past five years all have been processed with die cuts only.

The press sheets are offered on the USPS online retail site. In recent years, the press sheets offered have sold out quickly, often within days or even hours, presumably because only a limited number have been manufactured.

The quantities created for the Love stamp press sheets are not known.

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