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Janis Joplin stamp design revealed, to be issued Aug. 8

May 4, 2021, 2 AM

The United States Janis Joplin commemorative forever stamp to be issued Aug. 8.

The design of the Janis Joplin forever stamp to be issued in August was revealed by the United States Postal Service in late June. The image was pictured in the Quarter 3 issue of the USPS USA Philatelic catalog for stamp collectors.

The stamp design features a blue-tinted photograph of Joplin with rose-tinted round eyeglasses and text rendered in a psychedelic poster style. Groups of three pale blue stars separate the words that surround the portrait: “Forever Janis Joplin USA.”

The stamp pane selvage includes a brief biography of Joplin below the 16 square stamps on the pane:

“Janis Joplin (1943-1970) was a groundbreaking singer whose powerful, bluesy voice propelled her to the pinnacle of rock stardom. An icon of the 1960s, she was known for her uninhibited and soulful performances. Joplin is now recognized as one of the greatest rock singers of all time, as well as a pioneer who paved the way for other women in rock music.”

The stamp will be issued Aug. 8 at the Outside Lands festival at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

The event is likely to take place in the afternoon, according to USPS spokesman Roy Betts. Tickets to the festival are sold out, and as of early July, the Postal Service was uncertain whether stamp collectors will be able to attend the ceremony.

The Janis Joplin stamp is the fifth in the Postal Service’s Music Icons series.

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