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Nov. 3 Jeopardy! clue to feature stamp

Apr 27, 2021, 3 PM
A stamp honoring statehood is rumored to be part of a clue on the Nov. 3 Jeopardy! episode. Could it be the Mississippi Statehood stamp issued March 31?

By Michael Baadke

A cryptic clue from the United States Postal Service suggests that collectors should tune in to Friday’s episode of the television game show Jeopardy!

“A recent stamp that marks a state’s anniversary [is] slated to be a clue on the Jeopardy! episode … scheduled to air Friday, Nov. 3,” was the message passed along by USPS spokesman Mark Saunders.

The most recent U.S. stamp celebrating statehood is the Mississippi Statehood forever stamp issued March 31 (Scott 5190), but Saunders might instead be referring to the Nebraska Statehood stamp issued March 1 (5179), or some other stamp altogether.

Stamp clues appear periodically on Jeopardy!, which challenges contestants with categories from almost every aspect of life and history.