John C. Fremont 1856 presidential campaign cover fetches $345 in McCusker sale

Apr 28, 2021, 10 AM
An 1856 cover for the John C. Fremont presidential campaign sold for $345 in the Sept. 2 James T. McCusker public auction.

By Matthew Healey

James T. McCusker held a sale Sept. 2. One of the featured items, shown on the front page of Linn’s Aug. 31 issue, was an 1856 cover with a two-part pictorial cachet from John C. Fremont’s presidential campaign.

One vignette shows a battle scene from the West (Fremont was considered a military hero), and the other shows his portrait. Described as “immaculate,” the cover sold for $345, including McCusker’s 15 percent buyer’s premium.

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A 1945 piece of mail from a Japanese internee in California during World War II documented the U.S. government’s wartime practice of rounding up Japanese-Americans and interning them in camps. A boxed purple handstamp on the reverse reads, “Detained Alien Enemy Mail Examined.” The stampless cover sold for $184.