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Latvia’s Garden of Destiny featured on commemorative

May 1, 2021, 5 AM
A new commemorative stamp from Latvia features the Garden of Destiny, a memorial to the Latvian people and Latvia’s 100th anniversary located on an island in the Daugava River.

New Stamps of the World – By Denise McCarty 

Latvia is featuring the Garden of Destiny — a gift to the Latvian people in celebration of the country’s 100th anniversary — on a 61¢ stamp issued May 18.

This memorial garden is on an island in the Daugava River and combines nature and architecture.

One of the architects who worked on the gardens, Didzis Jaunzems, is quoted on the website of the architectural and design magazine Dezeen: “The view terrace and pavilion create a harmonious environment to discover the special character of the site — the spaciousness and the faraway horizon over River Daugava.”

In addition to Jaunzems, Laura Laudere in collaboration with Jaunromans and Abele, and Japanese landscape artist Shunmyo Masuno have contributed to the project.

Designed by Arvils Feldmanis, the stamp shows Gatis Balodis’ photograph of the amphitheater, which is considered the heart of the garden.

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The new-issue announcement from Latvijas Pasts said: “The amphitheatre is encircled by a massive stone formation the Silver Sunset consisting of more than 50,000 stones brought there by Latvians in memory of their departed loved ones and their kin. But the water canal encircling the amphitheatre symbolizes the nation’s tears, and the hope that the horrible past events will never repeat.”

Baltias Banknote of Latvia printed the stamp in sheets of 20.