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Liechtenstein Trades and Crafts series draws to a close

May 3, 2021, 7 AM
Pictograms on Liechtenstein’s Trades and Crafts stamps represent bookbinding, instrument making and shoemaking. The three stamps were issued March 5.

New Stamps of the World — By Denise McCarty

Liechtenstein recently completed a short-lived stamp series.

Called Trades and Crafts, the series was introduced with three stamps March 6, 2017, and ended March 5 with the second set of three.

Rene Wolfinger designed all six stamps in the series. The designs are similar, each featuring pictograms of a traditional trade. Also, each design includes a hand in the lower right.

The pictograms on the first three stamps symbolized the work of stone-
masons, tailors and goldsmiths, respectively.

In the new set, the 1-franc stamp shows some of the tools used in binding books by hand, including scissors, a glue brush, an awl and a needle.

The pictograms on the 1.30fr stamp represent the work of an maker of musical instruments. Post Liechtenstein said that an instrument maker must “have skillful hands because in the end the customer frequently wants a perfectly tuned instrument. His daily tasks include sawing, planing and soldering.”

A hammer, knife and pliers and other tools used by a traditional shoemaker are illustrated on the 1.80fr stamp.

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Gutenberg AG of Schaan, Liechtenstein, printed the stamps by offset in sheets of 12.