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Look for Soviet Union Mushroom miniature sheets of 25

Sep 10, 2020, 3 PM
Sets of five 1964 Soviet unfolded full miniature sheets of 25 Mushroom stamps with varnish and se-tenant labels (Russia Scott 2963-2967 variety) are in strong demand in mint never-hinged condition without folds and are a good buy at around $350.

Stamp Market Tips by Henry Gitner and Rick Miller

Mushroom stamps are a popular topical collecting area. Some people collect all fungi-related stamps, while others limit their collecting interests to just mushrooms.

On Nov. 25, 1964, the Soviet Union issued a set of five Mushroom stamps (Russia Scott 2963-2967). The stamps were printed by lithography and are perforated gauge 12.

A note following this set in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue mentions that the Mushroom stamps were also issued varnished in sheets of 25 with se-tenant labels in the outside vertical rows. The issue date for these sheets of 25 is Nov. 30, 1964.

The Scott Standard catalog values these unlisted varieties at $5 for a mint never-hinged set and $3 for a set in used condition.

Although the Scott Standard catalog does not value them as such, unfolded mint never-hinged sheets of 25 are in strong demand and are much more valuable than the cumulative value of the single mint stamps.

We last tipped this set of sheets in the Stamp Market Tips column in the April 8, 2019, issue of Linn’s at $300 for a mint-never hinged set and $150 for a set in canceled-to-order condition with full never-hinged gum.

The price for the mint never-hinged set has been rising since then, and today it would be a good buy at $350.

When buying, make sure that there are no folds or creases and no perforation separation, which greatly detract from the value.

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