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Love stamp headlines new Scott numbers

Feb 2, 2019, 8 AM
The Love forever stamp issued Jan. 10 is among recent United States and United Nations stamps to receive Scott catalog numbers.

Scott Catalog News by Charles Snee

Another month has passed, and that means it’s time to reveal another batch of new Scott catalog numbers.

The editors of the Scott catalogs each month assign catalog numbers to new issues from the United States, United Nations and postal services from around the world.

The new Scott numbers detailed here are for U.S. and U.N. stamps issued during the past month. New Scott numbers for worldwide stamps are given in the Scott New Listings Update in the expanded monthly issue of Linn’s Stamp News.

Just one U.S. stamp — the Love forever stamp issued Jan. 10 — received a Scott catalog number this month, along with two computer-vended stamps: one showing the U.S. flag, and the other portraying Santa Claus.

What do these Scott numbers signify? In short, these stamps’ place in upcoming editions of the 2020 Scott catalogs.

Having these numbers handy will allow you to easily locate these stamps in the catalogs and learn about their production and values.

Now that you have some context, here are the new U.S. Scott numbers:

Scott Number               Description

United States

5339                             (50c) Love

CVP108                        (50c) Computer-vended stamp with U.S. Flag

CVP109                        (50c) Computer-vended stamp with Santa Claus

United Nations – New York

1202                             Thomas the Tank Engine sheet of 10 + 10 labels

a.                                 $1.15 Thomas and four people + label

b.                                 $1.15 Reg lifting bicycle + label

c.                                 $1.15 Thomas, conductor holding potted plant + label

d.                                 $1.15 Ashima and Thomas + label

e.                                 $1.15 Thomas and Nia + label

f.                                  $1.15 Passenger car, children and tuba + label

g.                                 $1.15 Thomas and giraffe + label

h.                                 $1.15 Monkeys on Thomas + label

i.                                  $1.15 Water splashing on grimy Thomas + label

j.                                  $1.15 Nia, Thomas and ring of colors + label

1203                             Characters from Cantonese Opera Hua Mulan sheet of 3

a.                                 $1.15 Baozhen

b.                                 2fr Guanyu

c.                                 €1.80 Mulan

1204                             International Music Day sheet of 12

a.                                 50c Trombone

b.                                 50c Flute and clarinet

c.                                 50c Cornet

d.                                 50c Tuba, bell at right

e.                                 50c Tuba, bell at left, red in background

f.                                  50c French horn, red in background

g.                                 50c Trumpet, bell at upper right

h.                                 50c Baritone horn

i.                                  50c Saxophone

j.                                  50c French horn, blue in background

k.                                 50c Trumpet, bell at lower right

l.                                  50c Tuba, bell at left, blue in background

1205                             1c Non-Violence Sculpture

1206                             $1.15 Diwali Candles (four in foreground) + label

1207                             $1.15 Diwali Candles + label

a.                                 Vert. pair, #1206-1207 + 2 labels

1208                             Arena di Verona sheet of 3

a.                                 $1.15 Left side of Arena

b.                                 2fr Cnetral portion of Arena with four upper-tier arches

c.                                 €1.80 Right side of Arena

United Nations – Geneva

660                               International Music Day sheet of 12

a.                                 1fr Electric guitars with carved necks

b.                                 1fr Veena

c.                                 1fr Cello

d.                                 1fr Erhu

e.                                 1fr Ektara

f.                                  1fr Domra

g.                                 1fr Viola da gamba

h.                                 1fr Bazouki

i.                                  1fr Stringed instrument with bow

j.                                  1fr Violin with chin rest

k.                                 1fr Sitars

l.                                  1fr Zither

United Nations – Vienna

629                               International Music Day sheet of 12

a.                                 80c Kalimba with three holes

b.                                 80c Snare drum

c.                                 80c Shekere

d.                                 80c Castanets

e.                                 80c Gong

f.                                  80c Hourglass drum

g.                                 80c Castanet with handles and tambourine stick

h.                                 80c Cymbals

i.                                  80c Djembe drum

j.                                  80c Kalimba with one hole

k.                                 80c Button accordion

l.                                  80c Maracas and decorated stick

630                              90c Non-Violence Sculpture

631                              €2.50 Non-Violence Sculpture

All of the numbers will appear in the Catalogue Update section of the Feb. 18, 2019, Linn’s Stamp News. For further information contact Martin J. Frankevicz.

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