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Mail-delivering drones being tested by Swiss Post

Apr 28, 2021, 9 PM

By Joe O'Donnell

1. Delivery drones

Swiss Post announced July 7 that it is testing the use of drones as a mail-delivery option this month.

The release announcing the test reads:

"Swiss Post, Swiss WorldCargo and Matternet are jointly testing the commercial use of logistics drones. The three companies are investigating specific uses of drone technology and examining the cost-effectiveness of these business ideas. They will be carrying out drone tests in July 2015 for this purpose. The widespread use of drones is not expected within the next five years. The focus is primarily on their use in exceptional cases or the transport of special items."

Read the full release

2. Stamp reaches Pluto

"For the next trip into space that will go beyond the reaches of our solar system, I propose sending along a philatelic history of mankind, using stamps from around the world. Maybe even throw in a cover or two."

3. U.S. Notes Cartoon Contest, June 2015

The stamp for the June contest was the 10¢ airmail issued in 1959 to promote the Third Pan American Games being held in Chicago that year.

See the winning entry.

4. USPS struggles

"A new government report is likely to fuel concerns that mail deliveries are suffering because the United States Postal Service continues to struggle with what its regulator has termed 'the new normal.'"

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