World Stamps

Several recent new issues feature cats

Apr 27, 2021, 3 PM

One of the more popular topics that people collect is cats. One of the reasons I have been a bit delayed in my postings is our cat, Tabitha, needed some medical attention. She and her adopted brother, Conrad, have been inseparable since the day we brought them home together. Tabitha, at this moment, is sitting on my shoulder overlooking my work so I felt compelled to write about some cat new issues.

One of the earlier issues of the year was from the Netherlands on February 23. The Netherlands issued five souvenir sheets with three domestic cats on each sheet. There is sure to be a breed on one of these stamps that would appeal to the most casual of cat lovers.

On May 5, Australia Post issued a wide variety of cat stamps in different formats. The format that is probably best is the se-tenant strip of five 70¢ stamps available from Australian Post. The cats featured are a Siamese, an orange tabby, a Maine coon (Conrad’s breed), a Ragdoll and an Abyssinian. Other formats available are sheets, with each cat having its own sheet of 10.

Those of us who are guardians appreciate the beauty of wild cats as well. The United States issued a 1¢ Bobcat stamp in rolls of 10,000. These stamps are similar to the ones issued June 1, 2012.

On March 19, Kyrgyzstan issued a set of three miniature sheets to promote protection of the snow leopard. These depict three absolutely gorgeous views of the majestic snow leopard.

Finally, perhaps one of the most famous cats in literature, the Cheshire Cat, is celebrating his 150th anniversary in 2015. To date, stamps commemorating this popular character have been issued by Great Britain’s Royal Mail (Jan. 6) and Alderney (Feb. 5). More may be issued in the months ahead. If so, I will keep you updated.

And in the words of Bob Barker, “Be sure to have your pet spayed or neutered.”