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New Scott album pages for United States semipostals and 2020 used singles

Jan 8, 2021, 8 AM
The Scott United States National Used Singles album line expanded in December 2020 with additional parts for used semipostal stamps and 2020 stamp issues. Pictured here is the page for used U.S. semipostal stamps issued from 1998-2019.

From the Scott Editors by Jay Bigalke

New stamp album pages for used singles, part of the Scott National line, have been added to the lineup of Scott products. The used singles series so far is the most complete and comprehensive United States album series available.

New pages are now available for the 2020 U.S. stamp issues (item No. 150S020) and semipostal stamps (item No. 150SPS).

The semipostal stamps are pictured on one page, and a blank page with the semipostal header is also included for future issues (although supplements will be created when warranted).

What sets these album pages for used stamps apart from those for mint stamps is that they provide a separate framed box for each stamp of a se-tenant issue (an issue of two or more attached stamps of different designs). The first se-tenant U.S. stamp issue was the Christmas stamps of 1964 (Scott 1254-1257), and that is why the album pages start with that year.

There are eight earlier parts with a total of 372 album pages and spaces for more than 5,200 stamps issued from 1964 through 2019 that are listed in the postage section of the Scott catalog.

Spaces are provided for some minor-letter varieties that might not be included in the regular Scott National album. Minor-letter varieties for semipostals and 2020 stamps weren’t issued.

The earlier parts are available on the Amos Advantage website.

Three other semipostal stamp album products are also being offered. The first is a set of pages with a single stamp shown on each page, in a manner similar to that shown on the Scott National album pages (item No. 129SP01).

Another set of album pages is for semipostal plate blocks and is comprehensive for all the different plate numbers available for semipostals to date (item No. 129SPB01). Lastly there is a set of album pages for full panes of semipostal stamp issues (item No. 129SPP01).

The album pages can be housed in Scott Specialty Series binders and slipcases.

For additional information, visit online or call Amos Media at 800-572-6885.

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