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New U.S. additional-ounce coil planned, dates revealed

Dec 21, 2018, 3 PM
Promotional artwork for a new United States nondenominated (15¢) Uncle Sam’s Hat additional-ounce coil stamp. The coil will be issued Jan. 27, the day the additional-ounce rate will decrease from the current 21¢ to 15¢.

By Michael Baadke

The United States Postal Service plans to issue a previously unannounced coil version of the 2017 Uncle Sam’s Hat stamp for an additional ounce of first-class domestic postage.

The new nondenominated stamp will have a postage value of 15¢ when it is issued Jan. 27 in a coil of 100 self-adhesive stamps.

A stamp with the same design showing eight people wearing red, white and blue stovepipe hats was issued Feb. 18, 2017, in panes of 20 (Scott 5174).

The postage value for an additional ounce of first-class mail was 21¢ when the 2017 sheet version was issued. A postage rate change going into effect Jan. 27 reduces that rate to 15¢, meaning any nondenominated stamp with the additional-ounce designation (such as the 2015 Emperor Penguins stamps, Scott 4989-4990) will have that lower postage value, even though the stamp may have been purchased earlier at a higher cost.

U.S. forever stamps for 1-ounce or less domestic mail will increase from 50¢ to 55¢ on the same day.

The new coil version of the Uncle Sam’s Hat stamp is being issued without a first-day ceremony. The official city of issue is Kansas City, Mo., home to the USPS Stamp Fulfillment Services division.

Several previously announced stamps also will be issued Jan. 27 — a Sunday — in Kansas City: the $7.35 Joshua Tree Priority Mail stamp in a pane of four, the $25.50 Bethesda Fountain stamp in a pane of four, the nondenominated (70¢) California Dogface butterfly stamp in a pane of 20 for nonmachineable surcharge mail weighing 1 ounce or less, and the nondenominated (55¢) U.S. Flag forever stamp in two different double-sided panes of 20 and two different coils of 100.

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