US Stamps

No press sheets for Hummingbird pane

May 4, 2021, 2 AM

The United States Postal Service will not offer press sheets for its 34¢ Hummingbird postcard-rate stamp issued Feb. 7, according to USPS spokesman Mark Saunders.

The Postal Service did not respond to Linn’s question about why the issue was being skipped.

For most U.S. stamps issued since July 2012, press sheets both with and without the die cuts that normally separate individual stamps have been offered.

The stamp was pictured in the Dec. 30, 2013, Linn's, page 18. The Postal Service describes the design as “a tinted, highly stylized, digital depiction of a hummingbird hovering near a plant.”

In addition to sheets of 20, it is available in coils of 100.