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1¢ Franklin postcard commemorates Japan-Russia Peace Conference of 1905

May 23, 2018, 5 AM
If judged by the address side, the postcard appears to be just an ordinary usage of the 1902 1¢ Franklin, but turning it over reveals a pictorial record of the Japanese-Russian Peace Conference of 1905.

U.S. Stamp Notes – By John M. Hotchner

Turning over a postcard is always a wise move. In the postcard shown here, the address side is ordinary.

A 1¢ Franklin stamp of the 1902 series was used in 1905 on this card sent from Lancaster, Pa., to East Douglas, Mass.

But the front of the card is special. It commemorates, in red, white and blue, the Portsmouth, N.H., Japan-Russia Peace Conference of 1905.

Pictured are the conference hall and the hotel that served as the quarters for the negotiations.

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President Theodore Roosevelt had offered the American venue to try to settle the disputes that had led to the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. The talks were held at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (actually in Kittery, Maine), Aug. 6-30, and the Treaty of Portsmouth was signed Sept. 5, 1905.