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Our own Donna Houseman hosts 'State of the Stamp Hobby' forum with America's Stamp Club

May 3, 2021, 12 AM

By Colin Sallee

As 2015 winds down, we at Linn’s want to take this time to address the overall state of the stamp hobby, and our Donna Houseman,   , gave us the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

The APS (American Philatelic Society) held its annual show this year in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The show, which took place the first weekend of November, gave collectors and enthusiasts a chance to learn and interact with peers of all ages. 

During the show, our own Donna Houseman, hosted a ‘State of the Stamp Hobby’ forum with five members of the America’s Stamp Club.

Houseman, who has 43 years of professional writing and reporting within the stamp hobby, welcomed some veteran members of America’s Stamp Club, and gathered their insight regarding the overall health of the stamp hobby.

Subjects on the table ranged from motives to get younger generations involved, to reconnecting with the ‘baby boomers’ who were once extremely involved,